Whole Fish Oil

The Whole Truth
Whole Fish Oil

  • The Omega fatty acids in fish oil offer many health benefits, including nourishment of the brain, heart, eye and kidney tissues*.
  • There is actually a whole family of Omega fatty acids which provide a full spectrum of health benefits - including Omega 3's, 5, 6's, 7 and 9's.
  • While our ancestors ate a ratio of dietary Omega 6’s to Omega 3’s of roughly 1:1, our Western diet (highly processed) skews the Omega 6 ratio to as high as 20:1.
  • "Purified"  fish oils use a chemical process that can destroy the natural Omegas and the naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins found in nature.
  • Only a whole, naturally pure fish oil can deliver all whole Omegas and the naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins nature created.

    Get The Whole Truth: Whole Fish Oil

    Omega Oils & Optimal Health
    Omega 3’s, 5, 6’s, 7 and 9’s belong to a group of fatty acids often referred to as “good fats.” The benefits of these oils are numerous – they serve to nourish brain, heart, eye and kidney tissues.* They have been shown to benefit immune system and digestive system health in addition to supporting healthy metabolism and a positive mood.*

    Omega 3 fatty acids (such as EPA & DHA) are particularly noteworthy because the typical “factory farmed” and highly processed Western diet underdelivers these vital good fats. Today, the best sources of these fats are wild, cold-water fish such as salmon (not farmed fish). Grass-fed meat is another option, but unfortunately, most livestock is now fattened on corn. These farmed foods can distort the natural balance of omega fatty acids in our diets.

    While our ancestors ate a ratio of dietary Omega 6’s to Omega 3’s of roughly 1:1, our Western diet (with high intakes of red meat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates) skews the Omega 6 ratio to as high as 20:1.

    There’s a Whole Lot Missing from “purified” Fish Oils.

    Conventional fish oil manufacturers take a “purified” approach with their products. Because they often source many different types of fish stocks with varying levels of beneficial Omegas, and ship these catches over long distances from various fisheries before processing, they need to employ complex, high-heat purification processes to deliver an acceptable product. This extensive processing can break down the beneficial compounds in their fish oil. While some manufacturers then attempt to add back specific vitamins or antioxidants, the benefits of the “whole” are lost forever.



    A Whole New Approach to Fish Oil
    New Chapter® is proud to offer a whole-food approach to fish oil and an alternative to the fractionated, high-heat processed and “purified” oils on the market today. From pristine, protected Alaskan waters, Wholemega™ is 100% wild-caught salmon oil; rigorously tested to ensure each capsule delivers Nature’s whole basket of vital fatty acids and beneficial nutrients.

    You can actually see the difference between whole, naturally pure Wholemega and “purified” fish oils.

    The dull, yellow hue and watery texture of conventional fish oil is symbolic of “purified” products. This heavy distillation fractionates, isolates and destroys many beneficial compounds that give fish oil its
    naturally vibrant color.

    The brilliant hue in Wholemega comes from Astaxanthin – an extremely powerful antioxidant that is naturally found in wild salmon and abundant in this extra virgin fish oil. While traditional fish oil processing can destroy this vital compound, the low-heat “pressing” used to extract Wholemega preserves this antioxidant as well as the natural color, clarity and viscosity of the salmon oil.

    Extra Virgin -- Pressed, Not Processed
    The extraction process can have a significant effect on the quality and effectiveness of fish oil. Like extra virgin olive oil, Wholemega’s wild caught, naturally pure Alaskan salmon is pressed immediately after harvest. No chemicals or extreme heat are used during extraction -- the idea is to preserve, not destroy.

    The oil in Wholemega is so pure and untainted, it is delivered from a “food grade” government inspected facility. It’s our promise of healthy, and pure, food to you.

    Clinically Tested for Effectiveness
    For optimal benefit, fish oil must become incorporated into cell membranes where it serves to modulate cell signal events (e.g. modulate inflammation) and increases membrane fluidity.* As demonstrated in a human clinical trial, Wholemega has been shown to incorporate into peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) – allowing fish oil to provide its beneficial effects.

    To learn more about Wholemega’s Clinical Studies click here.

    100% Sustainably Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
    One of New Chapter’s guiding principles is to do no harm – to people, to animals or to the environment. That’s why Wholemega comes from 100% sustainably wild-caught Alaskan Salmon. Alaska maintains one of the World’s most highly protected and managed natural fisheries and has outlawed salmon fish farming. By using only wild, sustainably caught Alaskan salmon – among the cleanest and most pure fish stocks in the World – chemical processing to deliver purity is not required. If sustainability is important to you, Wholemega is a fish oil you can feel good about.

    It’s time to get whole. It’s time to get Wholemega.

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