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Pearled Barley A refined form of the grain barley; the outer husk and bran have been removed and the remaining starch has been steamed and polished. As a result of such processing the barley is devoid of all fiber and much lower in fat protein and minerals than its unrefined counterpart which has only the inedible (by humans) hull removed.
Pine Nuts (pignoli) These diminutive cream-colored nuts are found inside of certain pine cones, which must be heated in order to make removal possible. A key ingredient in Pesto Sauce, Pine nuts are rich in protein fat and flavor and are quite costly due to the labor-intensive methods required.
Pinto Beans A relative of the kidney bean pintos have a pale pinkish beige background with streaks of reddishbrown. This South American native is named for the Spanish word for painted. Pinto beans are used extensively in Southwestern cooking and are found in Chili Con Carne Tacos and Refried Beans.
Plum Tomato An eggshaped fleshy variety of tomato generally available all year round. They are often used to make tomato paste because of their favorable flesh to seeds ratio and their robust flavor which is very suitable for cooking.
Portobello Mushrooms A dark brown variety of common mushroom that is very large meaty and intensely flavored. Served whole these mushrooms make an impressive entrée but are equally good sliced grilled or sauteed and used as fillings or in salads.
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