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Energy boosters


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  • Adrenaline Rush®, B vitamins, caffeine, carnitine, creatine exercise, Diesel®, energy boosters, energy drink, Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, glucose, guarana extracts, inositol, maltodextrin, Monster®, performance enhancers, Red Bull®, Sprin®, supplements, taurine, Venom®, vitamins.

  • Energy drinks, or energy boosters, are beverages that contain stimulants, vitamins and/or minerals. Common ingredients include caffeine, guarana extracts, taurine, ginseng, maltodextrin, inositol, carnitine, creatine and Ginkgo biloba. Energy drinks may contain as much as 80mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a cup of coffee. Many also contain high levels of sugar or glucose.
  • There are many different types of energy drinks. Some examples include: Adrenaline Rush®, Red Bull®, Sprin®, Monster®, Diesel® and Venom®.

Theory / Evidence
  • Most energy drinks contain some combination of B vitamins, which are thought to help the body convert sugar into energy.
  • Few studies have evaluated the safety or efficacy of energy drinks. Most scientific studies have investigated the role of energy drinks in obesity. Research suggests that energy drinks high in sugar lead to weight gain.


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